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Basement Development & Expansions

Whether you have an unfinished basement, a basement that needs remodeling, or just need some extra space, add to your home's usable square footage by going for a fresh feel by turning your basement into a bedroom, rec room, home gym, or a basement suite with style and quality you can trust. 

Basement development and expansion


Sherwood Park Acreage 

This used-to-be pool was transformed into a 5000 sq.ft basketball court, equipped with custom maple flooring, and puck board on the walls for protection.


Marrion Project

This kitchen in a legal basement suite in a Sherwood Park bungalow began as an unfinished basement.



North Edmonton Basement

This previously unfinished basement was designed with insulated floors to create a more energy efficient home and wallet-friendly utility bill, that adds warmth and comfort. 

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